Guild Challenge Self Portrait

At our September meeting we learned about different approaches to creating faces in Marcia Shipman’s presentation about Pictures and Portraiture in Quilts.
Marcia also presented a challenge to us to complete by our May 2017 Annual Meeting.  The “MLQ Self Portrait Challenge” is a self-portrait quilt piece anywhere along the continuum of realistic to abstract.  It can be “you” at any stage in your life.
Here are the rules:
1.        Must be at least 12”x12”, or larger.
2.       Must be a portrait of the person making the quilt (That would be YOU, MLQ member)
3.       Can be a picture printed/painted on fabric, appliqued, pieced…however you want to approach it.  It could be a cartoon of self, a simple drawing, stick figure or more involved picture.
4.       It must include something to do with quilting/sewing; a background made of a quilt, things in the picture that depict sewing (Such as bolts of cloth, ironing board, sewing machine, quilt jewelry.)
5.       Must be made of three layers sewn together and finished (a quilt!)
6.       Must be finished and brought to the May 2017 meeting.
7.       Relax! Have fun with this!

Your portrait can be as involved as you like

Below  are some Quilters at work for Community Service and our Auction