Maple Leaf Quilters’ ROUND ROBIN 2020-2021




· When you sign up you are committed to meeting the deadlines and finishing the project. The group depends on you.


· Work on each project as you would like others to work on yours.


· Use GOOD QUALITY Quilting fabric and keep to the style and color of the project.


· Measure carefully and square your addition when you are through with your border.


· If you are having difficulty deciding what to do: Take a step back for a few days and let your creative ideas get going. If this doesn't work, ask for help! There are many Round Robins online to find ideas and inspiration. Use google or the many photos on Pinterest. Search “Round Robins.”


· Have Fun and be Creative


· Try to follow the vision of the owner of the center block. Remember, this is their quilt.


· The owner is free to alter, add, adjust or do anything they want with the quilt.




o When you sign up you will be sent a one page “journal” that will travel with your quilt. It will be emailed to print or sent by mail. Write your name and introduce what you envision as a finished project (if you have a vision). Too specific a vison will stifle creativity. There will also be space for each person working on your quilt to add a comment about choices they have made. Each person will print their name along with their comments.


o The center block (medallion) should be at least 12” sq. and up to a maximum of 16” sq. or if you wish to use a rectangle the longest side should be no more than 16” with the short side being no less than 10”. This center block may be printed, pieced, painted, appliques, etc.


o Please turn in your center block in a pillowcase, a LARGE zip-lock type bag, project bag or box with your name and phone number on it.


o Pass leftover fabric used for the center or borders along with the quilt. That way it incorporates fabrics from the center block and previous boarders onto the next.


o If fabrics are not provided, the person adding the border will select and supply fabrics of their choice, being sure to add the left-over fabrics to the project box/bag. If you want only certain colors in your quilt, please leave instructions in your vision statement. You may include one color you would prefer not to be included.


o If you are using reds or dark fabrics, it is a good idea to pre-wash the fabrics, so they won’t run.


o When finished with a border, please square it up so it is ready for the next quilter.


o If you want to add Embellishments - put them in a zip-lock bag and send them along so that the owner can put them on. In the journal note what your plan for embellishment is. They can add on after quilting as it may interfere with the quilting.


Please contact Virginia McQueen ( or phone or text 802-683-1176 with questions or to make arrangements for your block to be picked up. She may take a day or two to get back to you.


Center block due beginning of November 


       1st round due February


       2nd round due March


       3rd round due April


      4th round due May


      Returned after 4th to work on it over the summer.



o Each Round/Border must be no more than 6” and no less than 3” wide.


o Do not limit yourself as rounds can include: any type of block, checkers, flying geese, half square triangles, stars and/or appliqué. The border does not need to be symmetrical in shape, color, or style and can be plain, pieced, embroidered, or appliquéd, or the block may be turned on point, if appropriate. For example, triangles can be added to each side of the "diamond" to make it into a square again.


o Add a border to at least 2 sides of the work you received.


o Place your finished work in its bag and contact Virginia so quilts can be exchanged.


o Remember to follow the vision/request of the owner of the center block, do the best work you can do and most importantly…




Part of the fun is the surprise so please do not share what you have done with other participants and especially the owner of the quilt.







Festival of Quilt Challenge cancelled

Summer Community Service (Convert bags for needy)

Summer 2019 Quilt Challenge (Response and donations)

We had a good turn out for the Challenge at the Festival of Quilts  2018  --  22 Challenges!


Seeing Red

Maple Leaf Quilters 2018 Festival of Quilts Challenge (Was held April 2018)

I always liked red. It's a picker-upper.” Nancy Reagan

Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it's on both ends of the spectrum. On one end you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with someone, passion, all that. On the other end, you've got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger, and frustration.” Taylor Swift

Red Quilt, Your Design

Make a quilt (front, back, and batting) using mostly red fabrics.  Should measure 5 inches by 36 inches and will hang with the length down (sleeve will be 5 inches).  Quilt should be noticeably red with at least 50% made with red fabrics.

Enjoy. ** Remember the size is 5 inches by 36 inches

***Quotes retrieved from

MLQ SELF PORTRAIT Challenge Pics from the May 2017 Guild Meeting.  Great Job!


Below  are some Quilters at work for Community Service and our Auction