Welcome to Maple Leaf Quilters

A Quilt Guild based in Rutland, Vermont, with members from surrounding towns and counties.


Fall Meetings will resume as in-person and Zoom

Next Meeting is Tuesday,            September 21, 2021 at 7pm

Plans are to meet at the Christ the King Church and have an 

"in-Person" Meeting to socialize and share with BOM and "Show and Tell".  Will also be available in a  Zoom format


Karen Brown (our Speaker) will be Zoomed in on a screen.


  ***Karen is the dynamic host of the YouTube channel, JUST GET IT DONE QUILTS, with over 250k subscribers.  Weekly, she shares her quilting tips, tricks, and strategies to help you tidy up your sewing space, use up your stash and deal with your UFO’s so that you can make the quilts that YOU want to make. 
She will be instructing us on how to get back to enjoying our quilting.
 “As quilters, we are often overwhelmed. We have so much fabric and patterns, but we struggle to complete our projects. So how do you get back to a time of guilt-free joy with your hobby. Well, stick with me and I’ll show you how to do it.”





is a passion even in times of Zoom meetings

 Show & Tell (click here)

You can send your pic to be seen on the Zoom screen if you do not come in person.

We will try to put some pictures on-line each month.


September Harvest Home BOM

September Harvest Home Block of the Month


Hybrid meetings will be held at Christ the King Church, Rutland, VT with an option to Zoom the meeting from Home.