Maple Leaf Quilters’ Guild Meeting Information

Hybrid meetings are a go!

Our organization was formed in 1981 to encourage the art of Quilting in the Rutland area.  Membership is open to anyone interested in quilting.   Guests are always welcome at our meetings.  The meeting room is open at 6:30 pm, a half hour before our regular business meeting.  During this time, member vendors may have merchandise available to purchase.  It is also a wonderful time to socialize, visit the membership table, sign up for door prizes, donate to Rutland County Women’s Network and Shelter, and submit Block of the Month or Fat Quarters for drawings.


Guild Meetings are the third Tuesday of most months.  We meet in September, October, November, February, March, April and May.  Membership dues are $20 due at the September meeting.  Guest fees are $4.00.  Our Guild Meetings are held at GRACE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH,  8 Court Street in Rutland, VT.  Our community service meeting is in January with the place to be specified under Programs.


Speakers are at most Guild meetings and usually have a lecture and/or trunk show (traveling collection of quilts made by the speaker shown at the meeting).


Speaker Workshops are held once or twice a year.  All day workshops often take place the day following a Fall and/or April Guild Meeting.  The Fee and Registration for workshops helps to cover the cost of the workshops.


Name Tags are encouraged to be worn.  Many members make their own name tag using their quilting skills, or you may just use a sticky paper with your name on it.


Door Prizes are available to members wearing a name tag.  Upon arrival, members sign up for prizes to be drawn during the meeting.  Door Prize donations are welcome (new quilt related items.)


Block of the Month features a quilt block pattern available with fabric for a nominal fee.  Interested members buy the fabric/instruction package, finish the block and bring the block to the next meeting.   At the meeting, participants with a ‘finished’ block enter their names for a chance to win all the blocks.  In October the Block of the Month’s Holiday themed fabric is available at no cost for November’s Block of the Month, and the quilt design is the sewer’s choice.  The favorite block, or Viewer’s Choice, is chosen by ballot from all members attending the November meeting.


Show and Tell is a time during the Guild meeting where members can show off their hard work and creativity. Members are encouraged to bring up their finished quilts or quilted items to the front of the group to share with the guild.  This is usually held at the end of the business meeting or after the speaker.  There is a table  up front for items.


The Raffle Quilt is designed, pieced and quilted by members of the MLQ Guild.  It is usually raffled off at our Quilt Show, held in the spring of now odd numbered years.   Members are encouraged to sell raffle tickets prior to the show.  This is one of the primary fundraisers for the Guild.


Community Service has played a major role in our guild since 1986, aiding in our mission to support the art of quilting in the Rutland area and help our community.  Members annually make a quilt to be donated to a local organization that may then use the quilt as a Raffle or Auction Quilt for their organization.  The annual Community Service meeting is held in January. 


Comfort Blankets of MLQ, a subdivision of Community Service, accepts donations of newly crafted charity blankets  and donates them back to the community where needed.  Donations have been made to hospitals, foster care and other organizations to benefit infants, children and teens.  


NewStory Center (formerly Rutland County Women's Network and Shelter and Herstory House) is our local shelter for battered women and their families.  At each meeting, members can make donations of necessary items and/or money if desired. Suggested items will be posted in the newsletter prior to each meeting.  The items often include personal hygiene items and household items.  There will be a basket at the Guild meetings for donations.  This is an opportunity to help out families in crisis.


The Maple Leaf Quilters Board helps to run the Guild.  Board members are voted in and hold 2 year offices.  Board Meetings are the Tuesday following the Quilt Guild Meeting.  Members are welcome at the Board Meetings.  Opinions are welcome.


The Maple Leaf Quilt Show takes place every other year now on odd years.  The Quilt Festival is usually on a weekend at the end of March or beginning of April.  Members register and display their Quilts to the general public.  Members of the guild volunteer for the many tasks needed to run the Show. Our next Show is April 26 & 27, 2025.


MLQ Website is


MLQ Newsletter is sent out to all members a few weeks before the Guild meetings.  It is our main communication media. All members are encouraged to submit “news and notes” to the newsletter chairperson.  All information should be submitted by the 25th of the month prior to the Newsletter.   The Newsletter will have all the information needed for members to be prepared prior to the upcoming Guild meeting.